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About Us

It’s time for Redefining “Man Up” Properly for the Culture, …..and Jerk Chicken. 

As two black-card carrying men from the city of Detroit who graduated from Wayne State University (Detroit) in the College of Engineering and now pursuing adulthood: Jerrell and Richard have learned that being a man in today’s society is layered while the definition for “Man Up” needs to be addressed in a time where mental illness is being discussed more and more. 

One day, Jerrell posted a status in 2017 about black men having a space to end toxic masculinity through speaking their truth and talk about the things our culture tends to shy away from and become better husbands, boyfriends, brothers, cousins, fathers and friends amongst other things. Richard liked, commented, and slid in the DMs. 

It’s time to Redefine “Man Up” Properly for the culture and take care of our minds. Why? Because your MENTAL MATTERS. 

Jerrell Mitchell

Jerrell Mitchell

Jerrell works as an Industrial Engineer serving the Greater Metro Detroit Area. He strives to better himself with continual goals of reading books, leading social discussions through a podcast format, and by mentoring the younger generation. Additionally, Mr. Mitchell serves his community through his church activities , such as donating food baskets to the less fortunate on a monthly basis, giving Christmas baskets to families who are in unfortunate circumstances, and by fellowshipping with the senior citizens in senior living care regularly. In all his efforts , Jerrell strives to be a catalyst for positive change in his community. 

His favorite artists are James Brown, Kirk Franklin, and Jay-Z. 

Richard Winfrey

Richard Winfrey

I Richard works as an Engineer working in utility services. He is currently working on a Green Belt Certification in Lean Six Sigma and preparing to become a Professional Engineer to simply prove to himself that he can do it. He has a passion for helping others become the best version of themselves through intentional growth and pursuing your passions vs chasing checks. He is not shy to help motivate others and has a mentality to help the next wave of young talent in STEM.

His favorite music artists includes The Internet, J. Cole and Big Sean.