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REAL Discussions Black Men Need to Have Around Mental Health and Manhood

Hosted by Jerrell and Richard.

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About Mental Matters

Our Mission is to create a community that will empower society (Especially Black Men) to get out their comfort zone and TALK. Talk about the good (and not so good) topics that tend to be swept under the rug due to fear of judgement. Topics may include us sharing triggering personal experiences which previously and still affects our mental well-being.

Latest Episode

Episode 91: 


You Are Worthy of the Love You Give. Rich and Jerrell sat down with Sneaker and Jordan 1 Historian, Ken Myers Jr aka “Mr Unloved 1s” joins us to discuss his love for the Air Jordan 1, the last time here purchased a pair of AJ1s, why his mental matters to him, and all the things.

Our Guest: Ken Myers Jr

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Episode 91    |  94 Minutes

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Jerrell Mitchell

Jerrell Mitchell

Richard Winfrey

Richard Winfrey

Mental Matters are the topics of concern that affect the mental state of society. “MENTAL MATTERS” are Mental Matters as seen from our perspective.
One day, Jerrell posted a status. Richard liked, commented, and slid in the DMs. The rest is “MENTAL MATTERS” Podcast. We have created an environment like home. Yes, home, where you take off your hat, kick off your shoes, open your mind and have open discussion about anything on your mind without a fear of being judged nor embarrassed. beliefs, values, ideals, thoughts and even issues that people will compress mentally and become isolated because they can’t relate to the outside world.

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